Warner Food Co-Op

The Warner Food Coop is a not for profit group that is dedicated to cooperative buying of healthy and local products. Our goals are to keep prices affordable and to support local and organic producers.

What we buy:
We buy mostly from United Natural Foods, and Albert's Organics, but occasionally order local products like specialty meats from Warner's own Yankee Farmer's Market at special coop member prices.

How to Join:
Your account information will be provided to you by the club coordinator(s) when you join the Warner Food Coop. You will also be added to a members-only email list for notices and information sharing among members.If you are interested in becoming a member, please call (NH) 456.3661 and ask for Nancy.

There is NO membership fee to join: our club gets a discount off regular prices (not sale prices) but adds back a small % to cover operational costs. There is no profit made, and all work is done on a volunteer basis by members.

How to order:
Ordering from United Natural Foods is done by entering your own order through their Web user interface by logging in at
www.unfi.com with your personal member username and password from any computer with internet access. The member in charge of finalizing sends in the compiled order.
To order products, you will be able to search online by a known product number, brand, or description. Ingredients information is available for most products with a simple mouse click. Printed monthly pricelists can also be ordered in advance, and a pdf copy is always available for browsing on the website.

Sharing cases:
You will be able to see what extra items are available from cases of products that members want to share. You can offer to share cases by indicating how many items you prefer and how many more you are willing to take. Most personal care products, homeopathic remedies, vitamins and supplements can be purchased as single units.

Albert's Organics
Orders for Meat, Produce, and other products such as Applegate brand items from Albert's Organics is done separately, if the minimum order size is met.
Alberts' pricelists can be viewed at: http://www.unitedbuyingclubs.com/ALBERTS/Alberts_pricelists.aspx
There are two ways to place an order for Albert's Organics products through the Warner Food Coop:
1. Ask for access to the shared google document excel file which you can edit online to add your products and order amount.
2. You can Email your order to ,
If you want help, ASK! Several of us can give help in your home or at the Library or Community Center.

Co-op delivery is on WEDNESDAY, every four weeks. Sometimes this means orders can occur twice in the same month.
UNFI orders need to be ready online one week before the delivery date so the group's split cases can be finalized and the completed order sent.

The deadline for our coop to order Albert's Organics' fresh meats (Chicken and Beef) is two Mondays before delivery date, so it is important to arrange for your Albert's order on time: Albert's Organics meat orders must be placed with the order coordinator by 7 PM on the Saturday, 11 days before the delivery date.
Produce orders can be placed one week before delivery.

The typical schedule for the day of delivery ****WEDNESDAYS**** is as follows:
PLEASE NOTE WE WILL NOT BE able to confirm Truck arrival TIME until the driver calls us the day before. We will email and/or call asap after we find out.

(Arrive 15 mins before the truck time).


VARIES: start btwn 8 AM -10:30 am, work approx 3/4 hr

Early pickup:
(1/2 to 1 hour after truck arrival time)


VARIES: sometime between 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Late pickup:


5:00pm - 5:30pm

Delivery is at the United Church of Warner on Main Street (NH Rte 103) in Warner, across from the Post Office (unless posted otherwise, in calendar below).


Useful Information and forms:

Co-op Dates:

You can view and print this in a monthly format or add it to your own online calendar or personal data device. If you want a reminder sent, click on an individual event and add it to your calendar then set it to send you reminders.
CLICK on EVENT to see more details.

Mailing List:

If you are interested in joining the Warner Food Co-Op, you can send a request to join the member mailing list at:


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